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This page is under construction, and will improve as requests come in.

Who is behind

REDEEMFOR.ME is the baby of a French developer, Steven a.k.a. Emulord.

He is passionate about technology and graduated in Computer Science (Master's Degree in Systems, Networks and Virtual Infrastructures). This project is the result of his desire to contribute to the ecosystem around Nano. He has been active in the community since 2017, especially on Reddit (/u/Emul0rd).

This company is just the first step toward pushing the adoption of Nano to the masses! 🙌

Why choose Nano?

Nano is the ultimate currency for a service such as ours.

It benefits both the customer and the merchant due to its unique characteristics: it is feeless and instantaneous, guaranteeing a frictionless user experience. The advertised price for a product is what you pay; no shenanigans, contrary to most other cryptocurrencies. Your payment is confirmed within seconds; 99% of the time, a payment is fully confirmed within less than 5 seconds, and most of that is due to the way we handle transactions internally.

You may learn more about Nano at

How fast are orders delivered?

We try to deliver all orders instantly.

As soon as your payment is confirmed, we order your product from our supplier and deliver it to you immediately. Of course, we cannot guarantee that our suppliers respect that engagement at all times, in which case we will get your product(s) to you ASAP. For more information on your order's processing, please contact us at

Can I ask for a refund if I change my mind?

We cannot offer refunds on gift cards or vouchers once we deliver them. The reason is that we have no way of canceling them or making sure that they have not already been used.

Thus, a placed order is generally definitive, except for a few cases, such as a website or supplier failure that prevents us from generating vouchers, or a payment server failure resulting in an expired order.

How are prices determined?

Prices follow a simple rule: our objective is to sell our products at their exact face value. What it means is that a €50 Steam gift card should sell for exactly €50 — well, the equivalent amount in Nano.

If a brand sells its vouchers for a higher price than their face value, we sell those vouchers at the exact price at which we buy them — selling at a loss is forbidden in our home country.

For vouchers in other currencies than euros, we convert their value into euros thanks to an external API, and display the result on the product page (in the info bubble).

Nano prices are determined by converting the value of the product into euros. We use exchange APIs where Nano is listed to obtain the current market price. This exchange rate is refreshed every minute, so you always pay the right price when you place your order.

Why was my payment not confirmed?

Please make sure to pay the exact amount required to the specified address, in a single transaction. The most efficient way of doing so is to scan the QR code from a mobile phone with a compatible mobile app — like Nautilus or Natrium — or simply to copy the amount and address by clicking or tapping on their respective fields.

At the moment, we cannot process multiple payments that add to the order total.

As for every payment system, it is also bound to fail sometimes. If you are sure that you paid correctly and on time, but the payment failed anyway, do contact our support at

My payment is confirmed, but I did not receive my order.

We deliver products by email. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive your order within a few minutes.

Our support will gladly help if the issue persists.

My code is not working. How can you help?

Most of the time, you can ask for assistance directly from our partner brand to avoid unnecessary middlemen. If this is no help, please reach out to our support, and we will try to sort out the situation with our supplier and/or partner brand.

How do payments in Banano work ?

Payments in Banano are processed by our partner, Nanswap.

As of now, we only accept Nano payments. When you place an order, we ask Nanswap to create an invoice in Banano for an amount equivalent to the price in Nano. Nanswap then receives your payment, converts it into Nano and sends it to us. We must receive the Nano payment for your order to be confirmed. No other information than the amount of your invoice and your order number is shared with our partner.

For any issues with the Banano payment itself, please reach out to Nanswap's support, either by e-mail at or on Discord (Nanswap#3494). We can only help you with Nano payments and the status of your order.